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Rate Schedule

16 April 2018

To Our Valued Customers


After a recent review of our operational costs we have found there to have been a steady increase over the last 24 months in the general running and maintenance costs of our fleet, along with the rising costs of meeting legislative Health & Safety requirements.

We have held our pricing stable for the past 3 years, absorbing these rising costs but find that we must introduce a new rate schedule to ensure we can continue to supply a quality service.

Below are our new rates, effective from 01 May 2018. 

1 to 4.5 Tonne $150.00 + GST

4.5 to 6 Tonne $180.00 + GST

6 to 10 Tonne $220.00 + GST

10 to 12 Tonne $240.00 + GST

12 to 21 Tonne $310.00 + GST

21 to 32 Tonne $340.00 + GST

32 to 60 Tonne $395.00 + GST

  •  Above rates are charged per hour
  • Minimum 1 hour charge applies

We thank-you for your understanding and ongoing support, and look forward to working with you in the future.

Cheers, Steve